Triple artwork TAONGA Green (TATAG)

$42.55 NZD

Handcrafted using a blend of modern technology and techniques.  Produced with exclusive coloured MDF, layered to give depth and dimension & garnished with Paua shell inlay. Complete with stand (included) or can hang on the wall. Label affixed to back of artwork…

In Maori mythology, Maui used the jawbone of his ancestor to fish up the North Island of New Zealand.  The stylised Fish Hook of today represents strength, good luck and safe travel across water.

The unfurling Koru is said to represent balance and harmony.  Between the chaos of change and the calm of everyday, there is a point of equilibrium.

Twist translates to ‘pikorua‘ in Maori.  This contemporary design symbolizes the bond between two people, through friendship, love, or blood.

(Overall size: 257 x 134 x 12mm)

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